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108 Mala Beads Gemstone Mala Beads Model using Mala Beads

Mala beads are a string of wooden or gemstone beads traditionally used as meditation necklaces, for healing rituals, to connect with nature, and as a way to align our spiritual aspirations with the physical world. Mala Beads are most potently used as Manifestation Jewelry where tge natural Crystals and Gemstone metaphysical properties bring your dreams + goals to life. These act as a grounding point and a link between you, the Universe, and the power of positive thinking. Simply focus on your goals, envision your dreams, browse our 700+ designs and let your mala beads companion choose you. The universe will do the rest.

Mala is a Sanskrit word, and there are several mala bead styles. Some mala beads are made with only 108 beads, a larger bead called a "guru" stone, and/or a tassel. Mala bead necklaces are often wrapped around the wrist during mantra meditation, japa meditation, and yoga practice. The wearer would run each bead through their index fingers 108 times while achieving a peaceful, reflective, and meditative state of mind. Beginners and advanced practitioners find that counting beads on a mala is an excellent (and easy) way to keep their minds focused. Counting mantras (sayings) during meditation is another handy trick.

The Guru bead/stone acts as a weight and a physical way to remind us during our meditation to reset the count. Our mala rings and bracelets come in various counts of numbers for use in shorter meditation practices. We highly recommend looking at our Sacred Geometry rings for advanced manifesting rituals. These patterns are considered the building blocks of all creation and give you the ability to speak in the same dialect as the Universe herself. 

Mala beads have been used for centuries. They are often made up of different types of wood, such as sandalwood, rosewood, and rudraksha, or lotus, seeds. Our Guru Beads and Stones come in an array of semi-precious and precious gemstones, such as Garnet, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Jade, Onyx, and so many more. There is also a wide a selection of cuts and shapes to choose from.

Many spiritualists, meditation practitioners, and yogis find that aligning their intentions with the metaphysical properties of the Guru Stone is the best practice. It serves as a visual reminder of your intentions and a physical earthly connection with the universe.

Enjoy selecting your very own mala beads from Tiny Devotions. You can feel good about purchasing our mala beads. They are created by local artisans using only authentic and ethically sourced materials.

See below to shop our yoga mala purpose + meaningful jewelry collections, including mala necklaces and bracelets. Shop by sacred materials, color, gemstone, and/or intention to find the perfect mala jewelry for you or to give as a gift.


108 + 1 MALA BEADS


Handmade with love, worn with intention. Our mala beads have 108 beads made out of rudraksha seeds, sandalwood or rosewood & one guru gemstone. The 109th stone symbolizes gratitude.

The Original Healing Gemstone Guru Mala Bead Necklace

Our signature gemstone gurus are used for their unique energies, healing properties and colors to support and strengthen your devotion. Choose your mala beads to symbolize the strength of your intention and your commitment to live less from habit and more from intention.

What are mala beads mala jewelry

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