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Gypsea Mermaid Mala

Gypsea Mermaid Mala

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From the smallest grain of sand, to the vast ocean, you see beauty in everything life has to offer.  Your genuine kindness + great big heart is lent to anyone that is in need of it. Although most would describe you as thoughtful + gentle, when it comes to protecting your tribe, your ferocity couldn't even be matched by the Sea.

Amazonite is known to create a sense of calm and trust within yourself. Peace descends over you and revelations of the mysterious truth to become yours.

White Jade encourages focus and brings concentration back to those things that truly matter in life. It improves your bond with your set intentions + aids in filtering our unwanted distractions.

Rock Crystal is used in energetic healing. It is believed to cleanse the aura, balance the chakras, + heal the heart. Its grounding properties are also excellent when developing a connection with nature. 

Clear Crystal Swarovski vibrates a pure energy. It brings a sparkle + shine that uplifts the spirits of the wearer and can help combat depression and anxiety.

Lilac Swarovski Crystal inspires focus and enhances psychic ability + communication. It radiates a mythical brilliance that is almost as unique, dynamic, + gorgeous as you are.

Hang Length | 15.5 inches

Amazonite | White Jade | Rock Crystal | Swarovski Crystals

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