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Very Nice Surprise!
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I have bought myself several Intention Mala's from Tiny Devotions since about 2017. Each one has a very special meaning to me. This time I purchased a Snowflake Obsidian and I received a BEAUTIFUL Red Jasper heart pendent free with my order! These necklaces never disappoint me! I receive so many compliments, as I wear them both! Thank you for allowing me to wear my intentions every day! Nancy F. 08/09/2020

Absolutely stunning
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I just love it. The colors are beautiful and the energy is powerful. I can’t be happier! Jen 08/17/2020

Beautiful Howlite rose gold Mala
Verified Purchase

This Mala is so beautiful and special . Howlite is a very appealing stone to me, and the combination of color and energies is really wonderful. I added an enhancer which finishes it nicely. LOVE this piece. Liza C. 06/17/2020

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Amethyst Limitless Mala

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Mermaid Limitless Mala


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Lori Harder - Bliss Bundle

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Inner Strength Silk Tassel - Silver

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Kindness Mala


Pisces Power Gemstones:

Neptune is your ruling planet, which correlates to your selfless, empathetic, and compassionate personality. By nature, you want to take care of others and often put yourself on the line to do so. Despite some people’s tendency to exploit your desire to help, you persevere and rarely ask for things in return. Often, you are creative and innovative. In the circumstances that you are not you have a unique ingenuity to make up for it. Unfortunately, as an empath, you are sometimes vulnerable to others negative energy or outlooks. They may drain you or effect a situation you are in significantly.

To protect yourself from this and to heighten your innovative traits, we suggest for you to find a way to connect with your Birthstone, Aquamarine. This gemstone can counter negativity + can deepen your own insights without being influenced by others. Aquamarine can also thin the veil between you and any resentments you may have harbored towards others or yourself, leading you down a road of forgiveness and a healthier mind. Another strong gemstone for Pisces is Amethyst. This purple and clear crystal can strengthen your spirituality, calm your anxiety, and bring you mental peace when used regularly.