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Very Nice Surprise!
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I have bought myself several Intention Mala's from Tiny Devotions since about 2017. Each one has a very special meaning to me. This time I purchased a Snowflake Obsidian and I received a BEAUTIFUL Red Jasper heart pendent free with my order! These necklaces never disappoint me! I receive so many compliments, as I wear them both! Thank you for allowing me to wear my intentions every day! Nancy F. 08/09/2020

Absolutely stunning
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I just love it. The colors are beautiful and the energy is powerful. I can’t be happier! Jen 08/17/2020

Beautiful Howlite rose gold Mala
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This Mala is so beautiful and special . Howlite is a very appealing stone to me, and the combination of color and energies is really wonderful. I added an enhancer which finishes it nicely. LOVE this piece. Liza C. 06/17/2020

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Let It Go Mala


Amethyst Om Mala


Amethyst Limitless Mala

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Mermaid Limitless Mala


Cherished + Adored Mala


Lori Harder - Bliss Bundle

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Inner Strength Silk Tassel - Silver

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Amethyst Spirituality Amplifier

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Confidence Kids Mala


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Celestial Moon Bracelet


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Amethyst Limitless Bracelet

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Illumination Stack

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Amethyst Om Mala Bracelet


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Beloved Mama Mala

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Kindness Mala


Amethyst Mala Bracelet


Scorpio Power Gemstones:

Anyone that has met you can tell that you have a powerful presence. Your energy is fierce with passion and loyalty. You are accountable, independent, and have strong opinions. As a Scorpio, you are not afraid to demonstrate these qualities in your everyday life. When you put your mind to something, nothing can stop you. Your impenetrable drive bulldozes over any obstacle! At times you feel like a perfectionist and can sometimes get carried away with your passions. Although no one can deny your proficiency in many areas of work due to these qualities.

Your Sun Sign is associates with the element water. You possess calming attributes of the sea but can also bring the force of a hurricane. Many say that you steadily flow in the middle of these two states of being. Your Scorpio crystals can assist you in many ways depending on what you are looking for. When you find yourself stuck in anger, citrine, amethyst, and malachite can bring in peace + tranquility. Citrine is an especially powerful crystal for you because it heightens feelings of joy, hopefulness, and serenity. Malachite is known to take negativity energy and create positive energy which is idea for emotional duress. Amethyst will be the most beneficial for when you need to get yourself out of hurricane mode. It will lend its power to the calm of the sea that resides within you.