The stars have aligned and you are on your path to finding your dream job.

You are leader and specialist pondering an exciting career with a growing company where you will be challenged to be the Best-In-The-World at your job.

Mediocrity is not in our company dictionary… we burned that page with our smudge sticks.

Tiny Devotions was founded in 2009 and is the leading web-based, online retailer of Mala Beads and bohemian chic accessories. Our mission is to encourage our community to live more peaceful, inspired and intention based lives {all while looking good as you do it}. We are based in Irvine, California but have customers worldwide both through our online store and our retail partnerships.

At Tiny Devotions we practice what we preach:

We truly care about our employees
We coach and inspire our staff to reach their highest dreams (personally and professionally)
Our environment encourages our employees to live a balanced healthy and active lifestyle
We reflect, grow and manifest
We are not your regular J-O-B. Tiny Devotions offers a unique, exciting, and modern work environment.

The candidates we look for must have the “right” IMAGE. A couple weeks in “Bohemia” also known as our Headquarters and you will start to catch on with our lingo.

I- INNOVATE: we are looking for creative people, who can think outside the box, and can SEW. You’re probably thinking, I really need to be able to SEW? Yes, you need to SEW – do Seriously Exceptional Work.

M- MASTERY: own what you do, be a leader, and problem solve.

A- AUTHENTICITY: Don’t follow others, be yourself and shine.

G- GUTS: Have trust in yourself and your skills and be bold and brave.

E- ETHICS: Think of others and do the right thing. We want to leave this world a better place.

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