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Tiny Seed of Life Ring in Silver

Tiny Seed of Life Ring in Silver

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The Seed of Life represents creation, manifestation, and wholeness. Tap into your extraordinary and iinherent power of manifestation. This Seed of Life ring - Silver serves as daily encouragement to tune into your truest dreams and desires and gently guiding them to the surface. This symbol of sacred geometry aims to assist you in designing a life of love. Tune into yourself, trust the universe, and let it happen.

The Seed of Life’s sacred geometry is composed of seven overlapping circles. The number seven channels the powers of the universe and vibrates with the energies of spiritual awakening. Representing cycles and infinite possibilities, this ring inspires new beginnings.

Manifest your wishes + create a life of love.

Sterling Silver Dipped Brass with adjustable open backing.
Size | 15mm
Fits ring sizes 6 - 11.

Prolong its beauty by avoiding contact with moisture or water.  Remove jewelry at bedtime, and store it in a dry place to reduce contact with moisture or sharp objects that might damage the ring. 

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