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The Comedian Men's Mala Bracelet

The Comedian Men's Mala Bracelet

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He's the guy with dad jokes + puns for every occasion. Whenever you say you're going to get a hair cut, he'll suggest with pride that you get them all cut. Wherever he is, there is sure to be laughter, smiles + light. He sees the positive in everything + everyone, and is the best person to have around when you need a little comic relief. He reminds you not to take everything so seriously, and if you laugh at his jokes, you'll have a friend for life!

Sandalwood is a sacred material that connects the wearer to planet earth. It is grounding, soothing, and has deep spiritual roots. Sandalwood has been used in a variety of rituals for centuries in many different cultures. It is used in conjunction with the root chakra and has been found especially potent for warding off ailments + aiding peace of mind for the wearer in times of stress.

Palm Wood is a stone for grounding and transformation in every aspect of our lives. It shows us that transformation, manifestation + success do not have to be as difficult as we make them out to be. Instead, Palm Wood reminds us that these things come gradually, and we should focus more on enjoying the journey rather than only looking toward the outcome.

Light Sandalwood | Palm Wood | Stretches to fit most wrist sizes

Text (714) 782-4566 for special size or design requests - No extra charge.

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