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The Flamingo | Pearl | Fuchsia Agate Mala Beads

The Flamingo | Pearl | Fuchsia Agate Mala Beads

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You are vibrant and bold. You want to live your best life, and you’re not afraid to search for the things that excite your spirit. Balance comes naturally to you, though sometimes you may forget it’s importance. You immerse yourself fully in life… you’re always all in. Ruffle some feathers.

Mother of Pearl enhances one’s ability to be purely authentic by providing a cleansing effect to the wearer’s mind, body, and soul.

Fuschia Agate is said to clear and cleanse all surrounding energies. Align your vibe, welcome well-balanced love, and promote self confidence with this crystal.

Sandalwood is a sacred wood with a high vibe and an enchanting scent. It provides mental clarity and deepens intuition, making this the perfect mala bracelet to wear during your yoga and meditation practice.

Mother of Pearl, Fuschia Agate & Sandalwood.

One size fits all. Adjustable string fitting 5inch-8inch wrist.

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