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The Star Mala Necklace

The Star Mala Necklace

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In a Tarot deck, The Star embodies hope, renewal, creativity, inspiration, generosity, + healing
The energy around you + your environment are a reflection of your perception and capabilities. If you feel and act negatively toward what you have, the forces at work will see that there is no space for new beginnings or to give you more. You are continually attracting what you want through your own thoughts and actions. If you let go of your past, resentments, + fears and replace your anger with gratitude, there will finally be room for the abundance and wealth you need.
The universe has been waiting to give you everything you want. You just have to make room + stop letting the past hold you back. 

Yellow Smokey Quartz double point pendant | Blue Fire Agate | Hand knotted mala

12 inch hang length - Not 108 beads due to the large size of pendant

Text 714 782 4565 with custom requests - No extra charge!

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