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The Magic of Moonstone

The Magic of Moonstone

Moonstone: A Magical Stone

Moonstone is a gemstone that is famous around the world for its numerous amazing qualities. It comes in milky white and very rarely, in rainbow and blue colors. They are also available in brown, gray, yellow, green, peach, and pink colors. However, people mostly like the pearly white look of the white moonstone.

Moonstones usually come from India and Sri Lanka. The rarest, blue moonstones come from Sri Lanka.  Along with that, Switzerland is also a prominent moonstone producer.


Metaphysical Properties of Moonstone

Moonstone has an extraordinary place among the gemstones for its metaphysical properties. People wear it in rings, pendants, and necklaces to boost their intuition. This quality of moonstone is particularly famous among spiritual healers. They use it to intensify their metaphysical powers.


For Fulfilling Wishes

Some people believe that moonstone is the best option for fulfilling their wishes. They perceive that it motivates them to work hard enough to achieve their goals in the best possible way. Moreover, this stone can attract positive energy from the environment to create a favorable atmosphere to fulfill your wishes.


Moonstone and Feminine Affairs

Moonstone helps women overcome their mood swings and other hormonal issues due to aging. It calms down their nerves to deal with premenstrual syndrome, menopause, and other issues. Its soothing properties help out the women go through the routine stress without experiencing serious panic attacks.

Moonstone helps to increase your self-healing abilities after an emotional breakdown. Choose a more explicit piece of moonstone with more shine to boost up your healing power.


Moonstone For Health

Moonstone is widely known for its positive impact on health and healing qualities. It offers calming and soothing impacts on the human body and, thus, works the best to boost the recovering process. It is worn and used in bath water to boost the immune system and help protect the wearer from disease.

You may like to wear this miraculous stone for a safe pregnancy and childbirth. It helps ease menstrual pains and cramps. People use it to cure digestive issues and obesity issues.


Magic of Moonstone for Safety

Since the old times, people used moonstone to ensure safety during sea voyages, long journeys, and wars. The warriors and the ship captains used to wear moonstone in rings and necklaces for protection during their adventures.


Mental Peace and Moonstone

Moonstone is an ideal stone for a peaceful and refreshing sleep. Wear it on your body in a piece of jewelry or place it under your pillow while sleeping. You will wake up fresh and well-relaxed.

Wear moonstone to attract love and affection in your life. This could be a family, partner, or friend's love. You may use it to build a more positive environment by attracting more energy also.


Our Verdict

Moonstone is a matchless gemstone with unique metaphysical qualities. These distinctive qualities have been acknowledged since ancient times. People have been and still use it for a range of purposes, including physical, spiritual, and mental healing. Moreover, hormonal issues among women also get better with the usage of moonstone.


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