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Prolong the Life + Beauty of Your Mala Beads and Spiritual Jewelry

Prolong the Life + Beauty of Your Mala Beads and Spiritual Jewelry

Mala Jewelry is unique and sacred items that have a personal connection with its owner. Mala jewelry will aid your meditation and spiritual practice for many years to come. This is why learning how to treat your mala with respect and loving care will help extend its lifespan. 

Like many other practitioners who carry their mala with them, you might also be keeping yours close to your person wherever you go. The following practices are recommended to care for your mala the proper way.

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Take off all your mala when swimming, working out, showering or doing any activities where the mala can come in contact with water and excessive moisture. The mala cord weakens with too much moisture. There are also instances where the gemstones are waxed, enhanced or irradiated. The colors will remain this way if the mala is not exposed to or does not come in contact with sweat, water and moisture.

  • Avoid sleeping while wearing your mala beads, necklaces and bracelets. This can cause excessive stretching.
  • Use your mala with gentle care. The gemstones can crack, break or chip when it comes in contact with any hard and abrasive surfaces. It is important to note especially when you are wearing mala necklace with stone pendants.
  • Do not expose your mala, including those with porous gemstones and precious metals to anything with harsh chemicals such as lotions or perfume. These products can damage the mala stones and cause metals to lackluster.
  • When cleaning your mala and other precious jewelry items, make sure that you are using 100% cotton cloth or a soft cleaning cloth. Gemstone malas must never be cleaned using any jewelry cleaning solutions which contain harsh chemicals.
  • Rudraksha seeds and wooden mala beads will darken naturally over time. This is the result of the oil it absorbs from your skin. Allow this gentle change to happen and make your mala’s personal connection with you even stronger.

Mala Bead Cleansing Rituals + Tips


Malas are created with a loving intention and they are cleansed before they're sent to their new owners.
When you first receive your mala, it is best to cleanse it of any energy that it has absorbed on its way to you. You may also want to cleanse it from time to time especially if you have been around stressful and negative energies. Other cleanses their mala if they want to recalibrate or set new intentions. Here are some simple ways to cleanse your malas.

Immerse your mala in the moonlight. You can leave your mala out overnight under the light of the full moon.

Use some chanting or a vibrating bowl to create a cleansing vibration sound for your mala.

You may also burn aromatic herbs such as sage, palo santo, and juniper over your mala to release any negative energy that it has absorbed.

Cleansing, preserving + prolonging Gold and Silver Sacred Geometry Rings + Spiritual Jewelry


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Over time, mala jewelry can tarnish and lose its gold and silver plating. To maintain their shine and luster, they should be taken off when you will go swimming, showering or working out. Do not wear these pieces of jewelry when engaging in activities where they will be exposed to water, humidity, sweat, chemical products such as soaps, chlorine, and detergent.

Before wearing any gold and silver-plated mala jewelry, make sure that you have completely dried off lotions, creams, perfumes and other products that you apply to your body. If you are going to clean these jewelry items, avoid using liquid cleaners that may contain chemicals that will cause them to tarnish.

For gold-plated items, you can use soft-cleaning cloth and gently rub it to clean. For silver-plated jewelry, submerge the items for a few minutes in warm soapy waters, then gently rub and rinse off dirt with fresh warm water and dry it off with a jewelry-specific cleaning cloth.

Minimize exposure to air and moisture which causes tarnishing by storing your mala jewelry in resealable bags and jewelry cases.

Mala jewelry is said to absorb the energies that belonged to their owner. But this jewelry may also absorb energies from the people who hold them and the elements around them.

Our advice is to not share or transfer Mala beads from owner to owner since this is the case. Mala Beads are very personal, sacred pieces that could easily carry energies from previous wearers with them.

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