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At Home Meditation Essentials: What you Need to Start Today!

At Home Meditation Essentials: What you Need to Start Today!

At Home Meditation Essentials: What you Need to Start Today!

Fall has officially begun, which means it’s time to start preparing for cold weather. As temperatures drop, it’s important to monitor your mental and physical health. When there's little to no sunshine and snow everywhere, negative feelings and emotions like sadness, anxiety, and stress can easily emerge.

One of the best ways to combat these feelings, and stay positive as the weather gets chillier, is meditation. Meditating can help to reduce, control, and even prevent the negativity caused by chilly weather. Since most people won’t want to practice mindfulness outdoors when it's freezing, trying at home mediation is an excellent alternative. Let’s look at some things that will help you start meditating inside your home today!


Use Mala Beads

To begin your meditation journey, consider purchasing some mala jewelry. Mala beads are not only beautiful but a symbolization of your devotion to practicing meditation. They can serve as a reminder to stay motivated despite the obstacles around you. There’s no right or wrong choice when picking out one of these beautiful meditation beads. They come in various styles and colors, so you just have to find the perfect mala bracelet or necklace to compliment your taste. To make sure you reach your highest potential look for ones made with crystals and gemstones that are known to have healing properties.


A Meditation App

Mediation can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. To make the entire process easier, you may want to try a meditation app. Some of them include great features, like meditation techniques, a variety of calming music choices, and progress trackers. Don’t settle with the first app you see though. Make sure to compare a few of them so you can determine which one will suit your personal goals and needs the best. With the help of the app, you’ll be on your way of living a more balanced and positive life.


Clean and Quiet Space

When your belongings are strewn everywhere, it can be hard to concentrate on the act of meditation. Your focus will be on the mess in your room instead of the connection that’s supposed to be happening between your mind, body, and soul. Often, a messy room often indicates a hectic mental state; so cleaning your room is a good stepping stone to fixing other areas of your life. 


Proper Seating

Without comfortable seating, it may be hard to fully relax and unwind. Because you can meditate essentially anywhere in your home, the kind of seating you will need depends on the room you choose. For example, if you decide to meditate in your bedroom you will need a comfy mattress to lay on, but if you are in your living room then a nice cushioned pillow may be best.


Use Incense

To help produce a more cozy and comfortable ambiance in your meditation space, use some incense. Incense is known for its calming properties, and burning some while you meditate can help you tremendously. To make sure you're getting the maximum amount of healing properties, look for essential oils incense. The addition of oils, like lavender and chamomile, are supposed to add another layer to help relieve stress and promote relaxation to help to ease your body and mind.


Don’t Wait, Start Today

Remember, don’t let the cold weather keep you down physically or mentally. You don’t need to go outside to meditate and you don’t have to accept sadness, anxiety, and stress as your new normal. With these simple items, you can transform any room in your house into the perfect meditative escape.

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