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The Sun is Out and Anklets are In

Anklets are having a moment right now, and we couldn’t be happier about it!  Now that the sun is slowly starting to warm us up (at least up here in the Northern Hemisphere), it’s time to pack away the boots, dig out the sneaks, flats and sandals and let those ankles BREATHE. We are soooooo excited to amp up our accessory game with anklets this season!

The anklet dates back to Ancient Egypt, where they were worn by all classes of citizens, from royalty to street merchants. The Egyptians were alllllll about adorning themselves from head to toe, and their anklets were made out of everything from simple braided rope, to metals covered in precious and semi precious stones.

In India the anklet is steeped in tradition, and actually has it’s own fable! Shilappadikaram is a fanciful story of an unfaithful husband who briefly falls in love with a woman who wears a magic anklet.  They even had customs about what ankle you were supposed to wear your anklet on, left for married women, and right for the single ladies. Today elaborate and intricate anklets are worn by brides during their marriage ceremony.

In North America, the anklet made its debut around the 1950’s, when the sock hoppers would wear anklets to jazz up their white socks, but the 70’s is when women really embraced the anklet as a statement piece. They became a jewelry box staple, with everyone from bohemians to business women accessorizing their ankles.

Anklets have become one of our favorite warm weather pieces of jewelry, and after reflecting on what our awesome community loves, we thought introducing mala ankles would be the perfect way to marry our fave boho style with our fave way to connect with our intentions!

We all know the benefits of having a physical representation of our commitment to our intentions, it’s so helpful with keeping you focused on what your manifesting! We also understand that sometimes you don’t want to wear a bracelet at work, and that not everyone wants to wear their mala during their daily yoga flow. That’s where the anklet comes in! We’ll be wearing our anklets all spring and summer to remind ourselves to really stay grounded, connected and committed!

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