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First New Moon Reading of 2018

The first new moon of 2018 is a powerful opportunity to get focused, aligned and ready for the year ahead.
Our light is bright.
Our hearts are open.

We are ready to shine, create and revolutionize the world we live in.

This New Moon is collectively calling us to use the wisdom we’ve cultivated on our spiritual path and apply it. It’s a time for inspired action — to stop hiding and to start expressing your feelings and ideas.

Our desires, dreams and intentions must be planted and nurtured. Tending to our inner garden with relentless commitment and passion is key to our inner and outer transformation.  

We must give our desires a voice and act with inspiration over the coming weeks. This is a potent time for taking action and getting creative. Give yourself permission to fall and you will soar ten times higher. Let your magic be seen, felt and heard in the world.

The steps you take now will create the foundation for the life you’ve always wanted to live.

So move when you feel moved.
Act on inspiration.
And show the world who you really are.


Nine of Cups

TinyDevotions_blog108-AlexCarruthers-NineofCupsWe are walking into 2018 with light in our hearts and a readiness to continue our journey. The Nine of Cups represents the completion of a powerful and important chapter of inner growth and healing. For most of us, 2017 was a turbulent year filled with many challenges that taught us important lessons about who we are and what we are meant to do in the world. The universe brought us to our knees and cracked us open so that we could heal not only our personal wounds, but the deep collective wounds that keep so many of us divided. This process created tons of expansion and it is with this enlightened perspective that we enter a new year.

The Nine of Cups represents the profound power and wisdom that we are carrying with us in 2018. Our light is brighter than ever before. We know what we want and why. We are deeply committed to our path and open to the wild possibility that is dawning before us during this dark stage of the moon. As it grows, so too will the intentions we nurture.

King of Crystals

TD_Img2-SeedoflifeThe King of Crystals call us into the power of masculine and reminds us that action is a vital ingredient to manifestation. Crystals are connected to the earth element and represent achievement and abundance in our earthy endeavors. And the King represents our divine masculine, the side of us that is fiery, driven and motivated to get the job done.  This card’s calling us to let our inner girlboss out! Get focused on what you want this year and then let inspiration lead you to right actions to take.

But act with compassion.  Remember the emotional wisdom of the Nine of Cups. Do not let your fire burn you out! Listen to the wisdom of your body and let your intuition lead you. Don’t bypass your emotional guidance system and drive yourself into the ground. Action for actions sake gets you nowhere. You must take aligned action. How do we know whether an action step is aligned? Inspiration. Every action inspiration leads you to take, is aligned. Inspiration is one of the key signs that you are aligned in your flow state. So act on inspiration… and quickly! this new moon. You will reap the benefits of the seeds you plant over the coming days and weeks for many months and years to come.

Eight of Cups (Reversed)

TD_Img4-limitlessThe Eight of Cups in its reversed position reminds us to embrace our mistakes and to treat them as opportunities for growth and healing. Cups are the suit of the heart and represent our emotions and intuitive nature. Turn the number 8 on its side and we have the infinity symbol, the internal dance between light and dark, conscious and unconscious.  The point in the middle, where the two circles connect, represents our higher self. When we take this position we can see not only the conscious forces at play within us, but the unconscious aspects too. We have an opportunity to connect with our own shadow. And it’s by taking this perspective that we’re able to heal and grow.

The Eight of Cups reminds us that mistakes are necessary catalysts for our own enlightenment. Without them, we’d never evolve. If we can embrace our struggles with an open mind and heart, we will always overcome them. And in the process of doing so will uncover many gifts, talents and strengths we never imagined we possessed.

The Wheel of Fortune

TinyDevotions_blog108-AlexCarruthers-WheelofFortuneOur final card in the reading, the Wheel of Fortune, brings us both the message of fulfillment and assurance that we are moving in alignment with our destiny. Life is not a straight line or staircase… it’s a roller coaster! And when we’re about to drop or go upside down of course we’re going to feel afraid … but that’s part of the experience. A roller coaster without any steep drops or crazy loops wouldn’t be any fun. Just like a life without any struggles or hardship wouldn’t feel very rewarding.

While there will be moments over the coming weeks and months where you will be tested, challenged and stretched, The Wheel of Fortune card reminds you that this is what a human experience is all about. There is value in both our positive and our negative experiences should we seek it.

We are asked to deepen our perspective this year and to look for the big picture reasons why we are experiencing what we’re experiencing.  We are being asked not to resist our negative emotions, but to embrace and learn from them — and to take this compassionate perspective out into the world.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. What you are experiencing now is giving you the tools, insight and power you need to create the life you’ve always desired and dreamed of. Stay open and focused and the seeds you plant and nurture this winter will blossom into magic you experience for the rest of your life.

alexwebs-83Alex Carruthers is an intuitive life coach and writer. She helps women embrace their spiritual gifts, heal their hearts and change the world. Originally a journalist, Alex went through a radical awakening in her early twenties that put her on a path of personal healing and opened her up to the world of metaphysics and spirituality. Through her coaching programs, intuitive tarot readings and shamanic healing sessions she helps women connect more deeply with their own intuition and step into their power so that they can transform their lives.

To learn more about Alex and working with her visit You can also follow her readings and inspiring daily posts on Instagram (



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