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Getting to Know the Wooden Beads in Your Malas

Getting to Know the Wooden Beads in Your Malas

Wooden beads come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. One of the most used materials in creating mala beads is wood because it is always readily available. In the past, young carpenters and carvers used wood to create beads and practice their skills. Generally, wooden beads are easy to find and work with.

The traditional malas are made mainly from wooden beads such as Rudraksha beads, Sandalwood beads, and Rosewood beads. 

These wooden beads provide a warm and organic feel to any piece. It is also easy to mix and pair up with other types of crystals or stones to create unique pieces and customize them for particular devotions or intentions.


Rudraksha is a natural wooden bead derived from the Rudraksha Tree. Rudraksha affects human neurophysiology because of its electromagnetic properties that help enhance focus, mental stamina, and concentration. The wearer of these beads has managed to control their hypertension, blood pressure, and stress levels which results in a state of calmness, peace, and tranquility. These beads are said to help achieve focus when doing spiritual meditations.

According to medical researches, wearing Rudraksha beads send specific electric impulses through the brain via the process of galvanic response. This process stimulates specific brain centers and helps in transfer and process of information. Rudraksha allows the mind to attract positive energies and aid in enhancing health, spiritual fulfillment, prosperity, happiness, material fulfillment, family harmony, self-empowerment, prosperity, and creativity.


Sandalwood served a wide variety of purposes over the course of history. The versatile nature of sandalwood enabled it to be used in various spiritual and cultural aspects, religion, and the medical field.  It is highly prized as an oil and as a fragrance base.

In the early days, sandalwood was a vital part of devotional prayer and rituals. Sandalwood is very popular for its smell and fragrance. It is used during meditation and is also used to create figures that are displayed in shrines, altars, and temples. Nowadays, sandalwood incense is burned for purification, protection, clearing negative energy and calming the mind.

The scent of Sandalwood also helps promote better sleep by reducing anxiety and relieving chronic insomnia.


 Rosewood is well-loved for its beautiful smell and practical use  People use it for carvings, boats, musical instruments, walking canes, furniture, and other agricultural tools.

Besides the fragrance and beauty of rosewood, the bead boasts other healing capabilities and medicinal value. The leaves and the sap of the rosewood tree are used as a facial treatment for skin blemishes, rashes, boils, and acne. It is also used in treating other medical conditions such as indigestion, heartburn, and other various heart ailments. People from ancient times often take the rosewood paste to cure various diseases.


The scent of rosewood is used to calm those who are experiencing frigidity, stress, headaches, and nervousness. In addition, it helps improve the immune system, heals various ailments and other skin irritations. A Rosewood mala can help balance energies in the body and provide peace of mind to the wearer.

Rosewood exudes compassionate and healing energy. It also improves the feminine qualities of the wearer. Feminine qualities refer to accenting qualities of love, passion, and compassion. The overall intuitive health is also given an added boost, and feminine grace is enhanced.

 Rosewood clears out negative energies that prevent people from healing. 

Rosewood is worn near the neck to instantly calm the nerves. 

Choosing the right wooden beads for jewelry and meditation is not a difficult job. Wooden beads will help boost your energy levels, soothe the nervous system, and intensify your other intuitive healing capabilities. Because these wooden beads come from sturdy trees, they will also last longer than any other jewelry.

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