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How Do You Use A Meditation Necklace?

How Do You Use A Meditation Necklace?

Mala beads or mala necklaces are a popular meditation tools used by yogis, religious people, and ordinary folk. The purpose of a mala necklace is to guide someone through meditation while repeating a specific mantra. 

The yoga and Hindu mala necklaces are often made up of 108 beads.  For them, the number 108 is an auspicious number. They believe that number one is the symbol of the path, zero is the natural cycle of life, and the number eight is the symbol infinity.

The mala necklace can be manufactured out of a variety of materials. But, the rudraksha beads are by far the most widely used among yogis for its powerful effects. It is not unlikely to find some mala necklaces made out of stone or wood beads. A lot of them offer traditional relevance for japa mantra, however some add in their meaning and symbolism depending on their faith and beliefs.

It is perfectly normal to find someone wearing a mala with their favorite gemstone because they believe that it has certain properties that benefit them. The mala necklace contains a guru bead. It is the biggest bead you will find on the bottom part. Sometimes, a tassel or amplifier is set in place of a guru.

What Exactly Do Meditation Necklaces Do?

Every single mala prayer necklace contains a symbolism and meaning of their own. When you use the mala beads as you meditate, you are ushering in certain energies that enable you to have a deeper meditation.

The spiritual prowess you are channeling with your meditation necklace will have to depend on the kind of mala beads you are using on the necklace. There are mala beads intended for fulfilling dreams and desires, there are those that enable healing, there are also some that can transform your mind and consciousness when you used them. The kind of mala bead you choose will have to depend on your yoga and meditative needs or preferences. Because of this, we strongly suggest that you buy a specific meditation necklace based on their actual meaning, rather than merely focusing on its external appearance and beauty.

Finding A Mantra That Will Go Well With Your Meditation Necklace

You will find several mantras that can go with your meditation necklace. Some may be from the ancient meditation practices, while there are those who prefer the modern version mantras. One can even meditate following his or her own mantra. Depending on the kind of mala beads you have on your meditation necklace, you can use the devotion or Bhakti, bliss or Ananda, clarity or Prasada, and even peace or Shanti. There are a wealth of Hindu or Sanskrit mantras you can follow depending on your purpose for meditation.

Some even use just about any kind of mantra they like. There are the traditional Sanskrit mantras, the ones that you would repeat to yourself either loudly or silently depending on your liking. You can also add in to the mix like when you wish to practice gratitude meditation by enumerating something you are very grateful for. One can find an affirmation before any meditation and speak it repeatedly for each bead, say for instance – ‘Something great will happen to me this week.’

The mala meditation necklaces are not mere accessories one would wear or show off as a fashion statement. They usually bring power to your meditation or yoga practice. For years, the 108 mala beads were often used while chanting mantras. These mantras are words often recited silently or spoken out loud that enables one to connect to his or her spirit.

The meditation necklace is currently abundant in various religious and cultural practices and they are used to enhance once meditation or yoga practice.

We have here some mantra you can chant with your meditation necklace:

  1. Om hreem shreem hara hara swaaha
  2. Om namah shivaya
  3. This too shall pass
  4. I am capable of better and greater things

How Do You Use a Mala Necklace?

Finding out exactly how you can use your meditation necklace and leverage from it will take a great deal or practice. It is likened to yoga and meditation, where it would often take some time to learn from and master how you can finally connect your mind, body, and soul in one and bring it to an entirely different level of meditation and prayer. You can use your meditation necklace by following our guidelines below.

  1. First, find a quiet but comfortable location at home or in your room.
  2. Find the best position for you to meditate on.
  3. Close your eyes at this point and slowly make some deep breaths exhaling and inhaling slowly to align yourself to your prayer or intention.  
  4. Pick your mantra and say it to yourself silently or aloud.
  5. Take your meditation necklace and use your thumb to count every mala bead, beginning with the guru bead.
  6. For each time you tough a brand new bead, chant your mantra.
  7. Repeat all steps until you have gone through all mala beads in your meditation necklace.
  8. You can also continue by going the reverse direction.

That is how easy you can use your meditation necklace for your prayers or meditation. You can also just wear your meditation necklace and bring it with you wherever you go. The important thing is to continue being in close proximity to the gemstones and crystals in your mala necklace.

For instance, you can use a mala necklace with Clear Quartz for clarity; Black onyx for protection; Turquoise to grant you serenity and peace of mind, and Emerald for growth. 

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