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Programming Crystals with Your Intentions

Programming Crystals with Your Intentions

Owning crystals entails cleaning and clearing them regularly. This is a very important task. Before the crystals came into your possession, various individuals have handled them while in transit. This may expose the gemstones to various energies, good or bad.

Here are some ways you can do clean and clear the stones:

Running Water

Place your crystal or stone under running water, it is an effective way of cleansing. Whenever you do so, add an intention to the stone by praying that the Universe get rid of all negativity.  I often portray a ray of white light surrounding the stone cleansing it and filling it with wisdom.

Crystal Cleansers

Even though we always think that crystals can always be cleaned the organic way, there are some times when the stone can be really easily broken. For fragile stones, crystal cleansers can work best as they need not be submerged in any fluid or water which can later on damage the stone. With a few drops of the crystal cleaner, the stone is cleansed.

Other Stones

Clear Quartz and Carnelian can help clean other crystals. The cleaning is very simple and easy. Just place them all in a bag where you store your crystals.

Sea Salt

Water and sea salt are perfect ways you can cleanse your stone from any harmful and negative energies. If you have a fragile stone, the sea salt will never damage it. Just leave your stone in sea salt overnight for better clean. You may add basil, lavender, or sage to the sea salt water for better cleansing.


You can clear out all old and stagnant energies at home with sage. You can also use sage for healing crystals. As you smudge your stones, recite your intention as well. Pray for protection and love.

Programming Crystals with your intentions

Your crystals must be dedicated so you can use them for your intended purpose. Program your crystals immediately after cleaning and clearing them. You can program your crystals by praying over them. You can use this guide to program your stone:

  • Place your crystal on your left hand
  • Stand outside
  • Say this aloud “I hereby dedicate these crystals for the highest good, I ask that it be used in love and light.”
  • To program it for a particular use, hold it in your left hand, while outside in direct light, make a prayer “I dedicate this crystal (for the purpose or intention you like)…”

Make sure you wear your stones for seven consecutive days to help connect with it. This is the best way you can help energize it. If you wear your stone, place it on the left side of the body, near the heart and touching the skin.

Crystal Storage

Crystals are very fragile; you have to give extra tender loving care when you store them for their longevity. Some crystals can fade when exposed often to direct heat and sunlight. When you are not using them, place them in their pouch or wrap them safely inside a silk scarf.


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