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Tourmaline: Take a Closer Look at the Most Colorful Mineral on Earth

Tourmaline: Take a Closer Look at the Most Colorful Mineral on Earth

People wear gemstones for various reasons. Gemstones are believed to have healing powers. It influences people’s emotions, general mood, helps in meditation and attracts positivity. There are different kinds of gemstones people wear that would suit their goals and dreams.

Tourmaline, a famous gemstone, is believed to have powerful protection energy. This gemstone is a semi-precious mineral similar to granite. The name tourmaline originated from the Singhalese phrase “tura mali” which means “stone mixed with vibrant colors.” Tourmalines are known from its variety of colors including black, blue, brown, green, pink, red, violet and yellow. Red or pink tourmaline were thought to be ruby while the green and blue were thought to be emerald and sapphire, respectively. The vibrant colors of tourmaline serve as a protective seal for whoever wore it. It is believed that no two tourmalines have the exact same color.


Although all tourmalines possess healing and protective abilities, each color has unique characteristics and brings something more to the wearer. Here are some of the colors of tourmaline and their meaning.

Green Tourmaline, also known as verdelite, is colored by chromium and is often sold as chrome tourmaline. Green tourmaline works as the yang counterpart of the pink tourmaline. It elicits courage, stamina, strength, and vitality to the wearer.  Green tourmaline is famous for its strong electrical energies that heal the physical heart and center, which in turn sends positive energies to all parts of the body. Vibrations of green tourmaline to the earth allows the wearer to be more receptive to love.

Black Tourmaline, although very dark emits positivity to the wearer. It turns negative energies into positive ones. It influences the mind to have positive thought through neutralizing negative thoughts and internal conflicts. It works as psychic protection that counters any form of negative or harmful entities and energies. Generally, black tourmaline is the gemstone for protection and energy. It can also help protect the wearer from environmental pollutants and radiation. Black tourmaline is also called Schorl.

Pink Tourmaline is the yin of the green tourmaline. It is known for its feminine nature which means it is all about heart, love, and compassion. This is the perfect gemstone to use for people who want to develop their feminine aspects and be more loving and caring. Pink tourmaline helps those who are on the path of growth and development. Through its gentle demeanor, it influences the wearer to take steps towards enlightenment.

Blue Tourmaline. Blue is the color of honesty. The blue tourmaline is the perfect gemstone that would help people to communicate from the heart. It promotes calm, clear, and honest communication. Like the color of the ocean, blue tourmaline imbues peace and tranquility to the wearer. Blue tourmaline is worn when the wearer has conflicts with other people because it helps to have a harmonious and peaceful environment. It also helps people to be sensitive, responsible, have a high tolerance, and stand for truth.

Red Tourmaline is also called rubellite. Similar to the pink tourmaline, the red tourmaline is focused on hearing and higher love. It helps romantic relationships to become stronger and more joyful. The stone encourages a couple to have a strong sense of commitment and be passionate for one another. The red tourmaline also contributes to the positivity of the wearer. It reenforces life energies which impart vitality and zest for life.

Spiritual Healing Abilities

Every gemstone has a connection with the wearer’s spirit and body. In general, tourmaline’s healing abilities are tied with the energy they give off. Negative energies are turned into positive ones, and through this process, the body and spirits are strengthened. The healing abilities of tourmaline are also based on their colors.

Green Tourmaline helps the physical body to feel rejuvenated and makes the ethereal body balanced. This gemstone clears negative energies and opens up nerve pathways. To use green tourmaline for spiritual healing, trace the meridian lines of the body using a wand.

Black Tourmaline focuses on spiritual consciousness, which makes the lives of non-believers easier. The spiritual energy of black tourmaline gives off light during dark and difficult times. To use this gemstone, a black tourmaline wand is placed on the feet or knees.

Pink Tourmaline. If green and black tourmaline is used with the wand, the pink tourmaline is best used when worn as a pendant. In line with its meaning, the pink tourmaline focuses on the high-heart center. It makes the wearer more receptive to spiritual wisdom and healing energy. This gemstone encourages the wearer to have a gentler and more compassionate nature that would help in spiritual enlightenment.

Blue Tourmaline. Similar to the pink tourmaline, the blue tourmaline is also worn as a necklace just near the base of the throat. By doing this, the gemstone would help keep the wearer’s connection with anyone balanced. As a communication gemstone, it also helps in keeping the connection between the physical and ethereal body strong. The spiritual healing of this stone is based on its ability to connect to the healing energies of the spiritual realms.

Red Tourmaline is also worn as necklace close to the heart. It helps the wearer to open their heart to many possibilities and joy. The spiritual healing of red tourmaline comes from its ability to open the heart to others. Receiving joy from others makes the wearer at peace and fulfilled.

To improve the spiritual healing abilities of tourmaline, hold the crystal or mala while praying and meditating.

Emotional Healing

Green Tourmaline. The green tourmaline's emotional healing is connected with its spiritual abilities and meaning. It is all about turning negative energies into positive ones. It helps with having a sense of belonging through encouraging a compassionate, tender, and patient state of mind. It guides the wearer to have a stable emotional growth.

Black Tourmaline. The black tourmaline is a powerful gemstone that controls and keeps emotions intact during dark and troubled times. It supports and calms the wearer during times when emotions are high. It gets rid of negative energies most especially during times when the wearer is full of anger, anxiety, and feelings of unworthiness. It counters harmful ideas and useful against self-harm, suicidal tendencies, and substance abuse. It is also believed to counter obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Pink Tourmaline aids the wearer to find the long-lost love for oneself. During times when people feel numb and empty, this gemstone helps bring back a relaxed and joyous state of mind and a love of life. It encourages self-healing, moving forward, and having a peaceful mind. It turns destructive energies into encouraging energy that promotes a new passion for life.

Blue Tourmaline is best used when the wearer is feeling grief and sadness. It influences and aides the wearer to have a positive emotional recovery from abuse, injury or childhood trauma. It also helps in countering nightmares and insomnia.

Red Tourmaline opens the heart of people to connect to others. It counters feelings of isolation, alienation, and loneliness. It gives off new feelings and thirst for life especially for those who have lost the will to live or become too passive. It also encourages the wearer to face their fears and support them by giving feelings of safety and security.

For people who are emotionally unstable, it is best to keep tourmaline worry stones close to you. It could come in handy during extreme difficulty.

Tourmaline for Meditation

When it comes to meditation, the different colors of tourmaline also have different roles. Generally, tourmaline is held, worn, or displayed during meditation. Green tourmaline allows the body and mind to adapt to changes. It helps the mind to have a reflective meditation that would help in understanding nature and sense of place in nature, to a certain extent the purpose in life.

Black tourmaline helps in grounding the self to the energy of the earth. It guides the wearer in their journey to the spiritual world with psychic protection that blocks off negative energies. The pink tourmaline focuses on the heart and creates a sense of love and well-being for the wearer. The blue tourmaline helps in creating a deeper connection with the upper spiritual realm. It helps to create a bond to the past life and helps wearer face emotional problems. Lastly, the red tourmaline helps in boosting self-esteem and confidence. It also guides the wearer to have intensified devotions.

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