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Very Nice Surprise!
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I have bought myself several Intention Mala's from Tiny Devotions since about 2017. Each one has a very special meaning to me. This time I purchased a Snowflake Obsidian and I received a BEAUTIFUL Red Jasper heart pendent free with my order! These necklaces never disappoint me! I receive so many compliments, as I wear them both! Thank you for allowing me to wear my intentions every day! Nancy F. 08/09/2020

Absolutely stunning
Verified Purchase

I just love it. The colors are beautiful and the energy is powerful. I can’t be happier! Jen 08/17/2020

Beautiful Howlite rose gold Mala
Verified Purchase

This Mala is so beautiful and special . Howlite is a very appealing stone to me, and the combination of color and energies is really wonderful. I added an enhancer which finishes it nicely. LOVE this piece. Liza C. 06/17/2020

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Waning Crescent Moon | Gratitude Crystal Grid

Posted by Nicole Carr on

Waning Crescent Moon | Gratitude Crystal Grid

The final phase before the next New Moon symbolizes the removal of negativity and the power of gratitude. You should feel complete and rested. Tap into your hidden gems that have become uncovered from the shedding of things that no longer serve you. Your heart is open and now that you’ve tapped into the needs of your soul to find what ignites you, you can direct that same loving energy forward onto everyone who crosses your path. Practice gratitude relentlessly and you’ll experience happiness beyond your wildest dreams. When you are grateful, fear dissapears and abundance appears.

Gratitude Crystal Grid

Print the Gratitude Crystal Grid below. Place your Mala in the middle and place gemstones that align with your intentions facing inward (to attract that energy) or outward (to drive that energy out).

Gratitude Crystal Grid Waning Moon



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