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What do Mala bracelets mean by color?

What do Mala bracelets mean by color?

Traditionally, malas are intended for prayer and meditation.  Nowadays, people use malas as accessories or jewelry, either a bracelet or a necklace. People use malas even if they do not practice yoga. This jewelry holds significant meaning to the wearer based on where they’re from, the purpose and intention, and the crystals and gemstones used to create the mala.

Mala bracelets are made of different of materials like woods, seeds, stones, pearls, and crystals. These materials make each mala unique and powerful. There are different gemstones and colors that attract love, healing, peace, and abundance. Usually, people wear mala bracelet or necklace to seek enlightenment, calmness of the mind and body, and to attract certain energies.

At Tiny Devotions, we offer various kinds of malas with different colors and crystals that suit various intentions and mantras. The combination of these malas are perfectly crafted to provide the best result for each individual. With the variety of mala bracelet available, how would one know which mala to wear for certain intentions?

Looking at the colors of mala can help you decide which one is right for you.


Purple is associated with magic, mystery, and spiritual enlightenment. Purple malas are often used to create a connection with higher self, spirits, and entities of the universe. Purple gemstones are associated with the crown chakra which connects the individual and the spiritual. Our Live Spiritually Mala Bracelet helps improve the wearer’s spirituality and awareness of the Divine.

Purple is also the color of a creative individual. This color enhances imagination, creativity and intellectual capacity. Our Amethyst Mala Bracelet will guide you in finding your purpose and strengthen your beliefs. This gemstone also emanates positivity.

Other kinds of the purple gemstone are fluorite, lepidolite, and charoite. Generally, these gemstones help people the find the balance in life and help in overcoming obstacles.


Pink is the color of love, and closest to imitate the color of the heart. Pink stones are used for heart chakra healing. The feminine and light color of the gemstones symbolizes a gentle loving and caring energy. Pink gemstones attract unconditional love, tenderness, and compassion. Generally, people wear pink stones to promote self-love, friendship, and improve relationships.

Our Self-love Diffuser Bracelet spreads the loving energy of rose quartz throughout the day. The Connection Mala Bracelet with pink Kunzite calms and comfort the wearer during troubled times.

Overall, pink is a vibrant color. It represents, love, joy, creativity, and excitement. It is a strong gemstone which promotes positive emotions.  Other popular pink gemstones also include morganite, rhodonite, and rhodochrosite.


Green is the color of wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Green gemstones offer new opportunities, ventures, and growth to the wearers. It provides positive energy to flow in one’s body to overcome any difficulties.

Jade, a green gemstone promotes harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Our Harmony Bracelet with jade is made for kids and parents to improve the balance of heart and mind. Wearing the matching mother and child bracelet helps improve the relationship of mother and child.

Green is the color of wealth and as most people say, health is wealth. Tiny Devotions’ Health Mala composed of green jade promotes health, detoxification, and prosperity. For growth in terms of career, business, and wealth, emerald is a good green stone to use. The Growth Mala bracelet which helps the wearer to achieve everything, even love and wisdom. Emerald also symbolizes elegance and beauty.

Other green gemstones are Aventurine, Malachite, Agate. Turquoise


Turquoise is the color of healing and protection. It is known for its purifying properties. It helps the you have  balanced emotions while eliminating negative and toxic energy. It also assists in having better spiritual and physical communication. Turquoise gives you confidence to deliver and communicate the right message. Our Turquoise Mala Bracelet helps the wearer to be creative, have confidence in any speaking engagements, and calms the nerve before a crowd.

Expressing your emotions and thoughts could sometimes be challenging. The Purity Mala Bracelet promotes honesty and helps the wearer speak her mind carefully. The bracelet affects the wearer’s friendship, purity, and self-realization.

Close to the color turquoise, aqua colored gemstones also promote calmness, stillness, and peace. The Amazonite Mala Bracelet offers soothing and calming energy which affects the wearer in her life decisions.


The earthy color brown signifies stability, security, and grounding ability, and reliability. This natural color helps the wearer feel secure and motivated. It gives confidence and clarity in one’s idea. With the stability it offers, people want to have this mala to assure them of their decisions and choices.

Sandalwood is one of the known gemstones that have a brown color. It is a gemstone for positivity and calming the nerves. The Mama Mala Bracelet, composed of rose quartz, smokey quartz, and sandalwood, is for the protective, kind, and loving mothers.

For people who are looking for positive changes in their life, the Power Mindset Stack helps the mind to focus on the goal. The sandalwood and cherry quartz of the bracelet helps the wearer be fearless and commit to the positives changes in their life.

Other brown gemstones, are Jasper, Tiger Eye, and Bronzite.

With a variety of available gemstones on earth, people surely have a hard time picking one that is suitable for their intentions. When picking a piece of mala jewelry, it is important to choose based on the color and the intentions of your heart. Usually, the wearer feels a certain pull and attraction to a gemstone that resonates their wants and needs. These gemstones are people’s guide to having a happy, contented, and better life. At the end of the day, they are just still guides. Gemstones and crystals become more effective when people start working to achieve their goals.

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