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Yoga For Kids: How Yoga Practice Can Help Your Kids

Yoga For Kids: How Yoga Practice Can Help Your Kids

Yoga practice has become a mainstream health and wellness activity for adults in recent years. But like in adults, yoga practice also has a lot of benefits for kids. Sharing the practice with children have significant advantages and it can be more than way it nourishes adults. 

Yoga teaches kids about self-acceptance

The first thing that kids will learn about yoga practice is to accept and cherish themselves just the way they are. Our society is sending various messages of inadequacy and with yoga, we can teach them to love themselves better. Learning yoga while they are young, imparts this valuable lesson and arms them with the tools to counter feelings of self-doubt which increases when they reach teenage years and beyond. 

Yoga is Non-Competitive

The world today is very competitive even with kids. There is always talk about achieving the most and being the best. With yoga, kids learn that each one is gifted with different bodies to do different things, and it’s okay. With yoga, there is no better or worse than anyone else. Each one is exploring and learning in their way. 

Acceptance and Tolerance of Others

Kids practicing yoga learn that all living things are to be respected and cherished as they are. In this practice, they become more helpful in creating peaceful communities and they have the potential to become peace-loving citizens in the future. 

Encourages Healthier Habits

Exercise programs started early in childhood helps kids remain active physically and have a healthier lifestyle. Yoga takes this further as it teaches not only to stay physically active but encourages healthier food choices and eating. It also helps children focus their minds and calm oneself. 

Helps Kids Focus

Kids today are almost always distracted and find it hard to focus on anything for some time. Yoga practice teaches kids to concentrate, be present and focus on breathing. They learn how to breathe and help them through any situation. They focus on perfecting a pose by learning to correct body posture and in doing so they become more aware of their body’s capabilities.  

Teaches Techniques for Calming

Younger children cry and throw fits when they are frustrated. When they learn breathing techniques through yoga practice, they also develop the tools for focusing the mind. They soon learn how these things can help them react to any situation. 

Learning Self-Awareness 

As the kids focus on doing their poses, they also learn what they are capable of. They learn more about their bodies and their mind. They learn how thinking can affect their attitudes and approaches to life. They also learn how they can achieve things through their positive thinking and they have the option on how to react to a situation. Kids learn early on awareness of their body, mind, and spirit. This helps them grow into confident, responsible and kind adults. 

Supports Positive Mental Health

One of the most important benefits of yoga for kids is that they learn to love and accept themselves as they are. They learn to see more of the good in others, they can focus and calm their minds. They are also aware of what their bodies, mind, and spirit are capable of. These tools that they learn will help them become resilient, positive and optimistic about life and their innate abilities. 

Kids who are resilient and have started to strengthen their mental health are less likely to succumb to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. 

Children are also encouraged to relax, slow down and settle. At this present times, kids need this encouragement. They are usually urged to be more productive, to excel and be more engaged. Their little minds are busy leaping from one activity to another and often kids crash and throw fits at bedtime. 

It doesn’t have to be this way, children should learn how to relax and be still so that they can handle stress and pressure well. Children, with their lack of inhibition and trust in others, make them natural yogis. Kids received the teachings of yoga easier and inspire them in many ways.


Tiny Devotions wants to help kids in their yoga journey too! We have a collection of mala necklaces and bracelets made especially for kids and their intentions. It's a beautiful way of teaching them mindfulness and centering.

Definitely  something they can benefit from and apply in their adult lives!

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